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Welcome to the KB Knight Foundation!

The KB Knight Foundation was formed to be a non-profit charity and community service organization. The intention of our foundation and what we have to offer will be discussed in the body of our website.

Life has unexpected events and situations that occur that could result in people being unable to pay for living expenses in these tough economic times. It may not have anything to do with the character or the position of that person or family. Many people in today’s economy are one paycheck away from being homeless. Our mission is to support the less fortunate in our society, namely individuals and families that have not been given proper help. There needs to be a collective effort to assist people who have serious issues. Some people may have substance abuse problems, some have become homeless due to job loss, senior citizens may need help and others may just be victims of circumstances. Each individual or family has a different story or situation.

Senior citizens in particular are currently having many problems handling everyday living expenses. Some elderly people have had the good fortune of having good careers and pensions that help them live comfortably in retirement. Other elderly have only one source of income. There is a need for programs and resources for these elderly people. It is a shame that some senior citizens do not even have the resources to pay for their prescriptions. Current programs in place to help these people have long waiting periods and are not effective for seniors who need immediate help. Some elderly are having problems such as difficulty making home or car repairs. Others are having their homes foreclosed on because of their lack of financial resources. The mission of the KB Knight Foundation is to help all of the people outlined above.

There are lazy and not hard-working individuals that are responsible for the positions that they are in. Perhaps with a little personal attention, these people might change and become more productive if motivated by the right people. We cannot assist and help everybody, but the individuals that can listen to inspiration and guidance can make complete changes in their lives. It is our civic responsibility to be concerned about all of these individuals or families. The care and compassion should always be there for others. When we have care and concern for the welfare of others, then we will be rewarded by God for that.

The KB Knight Foundation has recognized these serious issues in our country and we plan to do something about it! We hope that we will raise awareness to this epidemic and people will assist us in our endeavors.

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